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What’s the difference between alpha and beta testing?

Did you know that Beta testing is one of the best ways to choose what you want in an app that you need? It is conducted to check an app in its infant stages to make sure it’s developing well. This means you get to join an exclusive group of real estate investors in using our app, out in the world, for the very first time!

As the name suggests, Beta testing is truly the second round of testing. Alpha testing is conducted by a top secret group of alien engineers. Well, sort of. For reference, it’s easier to qualify for the Master’s than it is to be in this group. Heck, it’s easier to purchase a move-in-ready millennial dream home as a first time homebuyer with no money down and horrendous credit than it is to be in this group. Beta testing is reserved for you. The best of the beta…I mean the best. Those who want to be an early adopter, to say they had a hand in molding the next GOAT. 😉

Beta and alpha testing are equally important, just with different criteria on different time lines! Alpha testers check the flow. One screen to the next: does everything connect? Any bugs? What should be added to make the flow more intuitive and comfortable? Alpha testing is the primer before the polish.

How do we feel?

Regardless of an app’s development team, founders, supporters, and investors, the beta testing process can be a pretty nerve racking thing for the creators! It’s kind of like the first day of school. Do you look good? Feel good? Are you wearing your backpack the right way? Foliolens? We feel good about ourselves, but we’re still a little shy. Why? We’re the new kid. The transplant. The one that showed up halfway through the school year and doesn’t have any friends to trade pudding packs with at lunch.

What should you do now?

While you wait, check out our blog and learn more about real estate investing, best practices, how to be a good landlord, which states are best to be a landlord in, tax tips, and more! Learn more about our features and pricing and reach out to ask how we can customize our product specifically for you and your investments.