Real Estate Property Management Software

Managing a real estate portfolio can be challenging, even if you have decades of experience in property management. If you’re a real estate investor in 2022, you should have some real estate property management software in your toolbox.

As a property owner or manager, your role is to coordinate building maintenance, keep work orders on record, track vacancies, and monitor tenant payments. You must also advertise vacant units, draw up lease agreements, and record the financial transactions of each property for accounting and tax purposes.

Foliolens is a leading real estate property management software that will streamline your property management tasks, saving you valuable time and costs.

This software offers revolutionary automation and reporting features to ensure that every aspect of rental management is as cost-effective and time-efficient as possible. Foliolens is also available as a mobile application, allowing you to manage your portfolio on the go.

Whether you are an individual real estate investor, landlord, or seasoned property manager, Foliolens is the real estate property management software for you. Get early access to this software today.

Real Estate Property Management Software Subscription

How Does Foliolens Work?

Foliolens is a subscription-based real estate property management software featuring all the operations, accounting, and leasing features you need to scale your real estate portfolio.

One-click data entry and intelligent document recognition are among the most significant advantages of Foliolens over other software.

You can quickly capture any real estate document by scanning or uploading the file to the platform using these features.

Foliolens will automatically identify the document and match it to the relevant property. Then, the software will use the information in the document to update your portfolio trend reports, tax alerts, rent payments, and maintenance status.

With Foliolens, you can also organize and share real estate files from a mobile device such as your cell phone or tablet.

By keeping your property information up to date, Foliolens will provide valuable tax prep support. When preparing your tax returns, you will have complete access to your portfolio’s financial information, including an accurate and up-to-date list of tax-deductible expenses.

Property Management Platform Features

Foliolens offers an extensive range of features you can use to manage your portfolio from your phone:

  • An intuitive mobile dashboard providing a real-time view of your property portfolio
  • Smart document capture and recognition features that automatically identify and categorize each real estate document
  • Task automation features, making property management easy while saving you valuable time
  • A reminder feature with intelligent alerts that help you avoid late fees
  • Insurance and tax insights that let you make informed decisions and manage your compliance
  • Hassle-free document management features, including file organization and sharing from your favorite device
  • An online rent collection feature

As a property owner, the above features will allow you to manage your property portfolio without stress and paperwork. You can also use Foliolens to sign rental leases and share documents from anywhere, using your mobile device.

Who Should Use the Foliolens Property Management Portal?

Foliolens is a highly versatile property management software that’s ideal for private rental property owners, landlords, and professional property managers. In-house property management staff members, such as admins and bookkeepers, can also use Foliolens to streamline their workflow.

Foliolens is the property management software for all real estate portfolio sizes. This software is for you, whether you have an extensive portfolio of commercial and residential properties or own only one or two rentals.

Foliolens has a highly intuitive interface that is easy to learn and use, regardless of how complex your portfolio is. Even if you only own one property, Foliolens is the software to help you:

  • Capture, organize, and share documents
  • Stay on top of receivables and payables
  • Detect redundancies and unnecessary costs
  • Automate routine tasks

If you manage more than ten units, you need the online rent collection, personalized owner and tenant portals, and owner statement features that Foliolens offers.

Get Early Access

With Foliolens, managing multiple properties is easy. As a portfolio owner, this real estate property management software will allow you to cut out the middleman, eliminate costs, and increase your return on investment.

Are you a property manager with multiple clients? The owner and tenant portal, owner statement, online rent collection, and other features of Foliolens allow you to provide a personal and responsive service.

To save time and money with real estate management, get early access to Foliolens today.