Landlord Property Management Software

As a landlord, your list of responsibilities can keep you and your team incredibly busy. From day-to-day operations to marketing and accounting, you have no shortage of tasks that take up your limited time.

With landlord property management software, you can automate many of these duties to give you a chance to take a breath and put your energy where it can make a difference for your business.‍

If you are not familiar with property management software for landlords, get ready to join the party. Foliolens can create a customized software plan that seamlessly fits your work routine and coordinates with your current system.

What can landlord property management software do for you? Let’s look at some of the benefits you can reap with automated features that make your job easier.


Simplifying Your Workflow With Property Management Software

How do you know that landlord property management software can make a difference? Start with a good, hard look at how you spend your day.

How many hours do you spend communicating with maintenance to handle requests? What percentage of your time can you devote to listing vacancies and screening applicants? Are you frustrated with how long it takes to stay on top of lease agreements or tax documentation? The more you analyze your responsibilities, the more you can see how our software can save you time.

The truth is that many of your daily operations can run smoothly when you use our software. You can decide which features help you when you set up your property management software subscription for landlords.

Our three-tiered pricing structure will give you the freedom to utilize those features that help and not pay for those you don’t want. Plus, you will have our customer support to mitigate user issues for a unified transition to automation and ongoing improvements or changes.

Foliolens App for Landlords
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Expanding Your Business Thanks to Landlord Management Software

With your newfound spare time, you can focus instead on growing your landlord property management business. Luckily, our software can grow with you by accommodating more users within your software network. Whether you add new properties, tenants, or owners to your management business, you can expand our software platform to meet your changing needs.

That’s just one of many reasons why Foliolens offers our clients different levels of software subscription. Our services work just as well for small businesses as it does for large property management firms.

You decide what accounting or operations functions you want to automate and which you prefer to manage yourself. Once you see what our software can do, you may choose to upgrade to features such as a tenant or owner portal to speed up response time and stay on top of documentation.


Streamlining With Landlord Property Management Software

When you update your work style with Foliolens, you can appreciate the advantages of our landlord property management software for yourself. Contact us online or call us at 858-433-5047 to learn more about our services and pricing subscription structure to find the right software fit for your needs.

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