Rental Property Management Features

Managing multiple properties involves staying up to date on payments, expenses, and rent collection. Without smart cloud-based management software looking out for you, you run the risk of incurring unnecessary expenses or even issues with your tax compliance.

Foliolens is a subscription-based property management software that offers all the features you need to manage your portfolio efficiently. Learn more below about this software’s real estate automation features, and sign up today.

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Automated Tasks & Reminders
  • Insights & Reporting
  • Portfolio Dashboard
  • Seamlessly Organize & Share Documents
  • Frictionless Payments
  • Bank-grade data security


Intelligent Document Processing

Easily upload real estate documents by photograph, email, or direct upload.

Automatically classify, categorize, extract relevant information, and link documents to their property.



Automated Tasks & Reminders

Allow Foliolens to identify important dates in your documents to populate automated reminders in the app calendar. Get notified before the deadline approaches and never miss a due date!



Insights & Reporting

Run reports based on the historic and relevant data connected to your properties and portfolios. Get notified when insurance premiums and property taxes increase and be better prepared for tax season with your income statement and YTD reports.



Portfolio Dashboard

Your Portfolio Dashboard summarizes all your properties in one convenient place. 

View a thumbnail of your property's feature photo, the address, and a couple high-level details.



Seamlessly Organize & Share Documents

You've uploaded your documents and Foliolens matched them to the correct properties. Now what?

Find your documents easily in the documents menu with categorized folders for simple navigation.

Share your documents via email or by inviting collaborators to a portfolio where they will have access to the documents linked there.



Frictionless Payments

Securely connect your bank accounts through third party encryption service and receive payments via bank-grade security, third party payment processing. Your tenants can do the same!

Collect payments directly to your in-app wallet and choose where they go: security deposit, rent, or investor payouts. 



Bank-grade data security

Foliolens uses encryption at rest and in transit to secure all data flowing through our platform. We encrypt sensitive personal information, payment and banking data, and use token identifiers with no intrinsic value when referencing sensitive data elements.